#1 Legal And Licensed Money Lender In Singapore Loans

#1 Legal And Licensed Money Lender In Singapore Loans


According to Ministry of Law of Singapore, there are about 160 licensed money lenders in Singapore , with 5 more who are suspended. The Registry of Moneylenders have very strict rules regarding advertising, so strict that the only legal ways is to have signs outside their shops promoting the services and to have a website that explains their services. When you work with private Licensed Money Lender money lenders, you should be aware of the various methods you can invest in loans and the pros and cons associated with each method.

We help you source the best Licensed Money Lender with competitive rate for Loans in Singapore! In fact, as long as there is certified licensed by government, it is consider legal. Remember, there is no substitute for your personal due diligence, whether it’s on the lender or on the property.

The lender cannot add other charges, such as administrative or transaction costs. Singapore law requires that licensed moneylenders explain the terms of your loan to you in language that you can easily understand. Anyone who needs to seek financila help from these money lenders…do pm me…i know a few licensed (civilised) money lenders who will not only lend the money to you but also give you financial consulting based on your commitments.

If you’re just starting out, the services of a private money lender are invaluable and they will help walk you through the transaction. Most investors who are not real estate professionals maintain life-long relationships with their private money lenders just as business executives would maintain a relationship with their financial advisors.

Another great way to spot licensed money lender from illegal ones is through the methods they employed for advertising their services. PayDay Loans is one of the source which aids in finding the best money lender Singapore in highly affordable charges. We started out as a small company and with high satisfaction policy, we have become one of the highly rated money lenders in the country.