Cookie Clicker Cheats Tool

Cookie Clicker Cheats Tool

Cookie Clickers 2 Hack was developed to make your game more interesting and completely free. In the game’s Cheating section of the wiki, people have been posting in the comments codes to click the golden cookies and reindeer for v.2.002 and in Reddit, Frozen Cookie clicker cheat codes  got a update to work in v.2.002 but it’s in beta as of this post so expect some bugs.

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Sometimes the red cookie will give you a cookie chain: you click it and it gives you six cookies, and then a few seconds later another red or golden cookie appears that gives you 66 cookies, and another one appears that gives you 666 cookies, then another appears that yields 6,666 cookies, etc.

That isn’t, incidentally, a strike against it, just an acknowledgement that Cookie Clicker isn’t the same beast as its inspiration, and shouldn’t be expected to be. It has a few surprises in store, an a ton of personality that, combined with a sly sense of humor and a unique style, make it a definite charmer.

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