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Everybody knows how we feel about helmet safety here at BestBeginnerMotorcycles so we won’t go into more detail here. There is no gap between the helmet and visor, which is a common problem with many inferior helmets – as this allows wind to get inside the helmet, which can be extremely loud – and will induce hearing loss if you experience this regularly for prolonged periods, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We have reviewed a variety of cool and custom motorcycle helmets and interviewed the people using them; in our quest to find the coolest motorcycle helmet
Novelty Biker Safety helmet collection and believe me every person came up with different helmets as their definition of cool was something different.

A full face helmet covers the entire head, with a rear that covers the base of the skull , and a protective section over the front of the chin Such helmets have an open cutout in a band across the eyes and nose, and often include a clear or tinted transparent plastic face shield, known as a visor, that generally swivels up and down to allow access to the face.

When you come to buy a helmet, it is important that you put a lot of thought into it. After all, good quality helmets can be quite expensive, and it’s unlikely you’ll be getting a new one for a while – so make sure you get the best quality helmet you can.

My brother, who is a motorcycle enthusiast himself, recommended two brands of cool motorcycle helmets that can stand out from the crowd. While you will not find any manufacturers putting out helmets with spikes and crystals attached to them, doing it yourself makes these helmets works of art- that you can say you did yourself!