Daniel DeKoter- Are Electronic Contracts Valid Under Law?

Most of the states in the USA have enacted The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act or UETA that lays down 4 rules when it comes to the operations of a business via electronic media. It says that a signature or a record is not illegal merely because it is in an electronic form. Electronic records are equivalent to records in writing. Electronic signatures are legally valid and attributed to the person that has signed the document.

Daniel DeKoter- Understanding electronic contracts with an expert

Daniel DeKoter is a business and civil litigation lawyer known for his knowledge and professionalism in the USA. He says that electronic signatures are voluntary and it is not compulsory for those that do not own a computer. However, under law there are some documents that are excluded from the domain of electronic signatures and they include trusts, wills, contracts, codicils and more. The state laws govern the above.

Written contracts versus oral contracts

When it comes to contracts, it is very important for you to ensure that thet are written over oral. He says that when it comes to written contracts, this does not mean that they are illegal. They are legal and are binding. The only problem that you find with oral contracts is that they are very hard for you to prove. This means when you are proving an oral contract in a court of law, you will find that they are time consuming to prove.

When you are creating a contract for your partnership business, ensure that you enter into written partnerships with them as well. You might be doing business with a few friends of yours but in case there is a misunderstanding you will find that the above will severely affect your business. This is why it is very important for you to ensure that you have your terms and conditions listed so that you effectively are able to protect the rights and interests of your business in case things go wrong.

Communicate with good lawyers

When it comes to the creation of a contract for your business needs and the validity of electronic signatures, it is very important for you to ensure that you consult the right business attorney for the cause. The professional will guide and advise you when it comes to the creation of a valid contract for your business.

Daniel DeKoter and his team of credible and trusted professionals say that it is crucial for you to understand the nuances of contracts and electronic signatures for your own knowledge. This will help you share the knowledge with other people who are not aware of the law of contracts and digital signatures. He says that never rush into a contract or in that matter any agreement. He says that though the two might seem alike, they have differences. An agreement involves a short term offer and acceptance. A contract involves a long term offer and acceptance that will last for some time. This is why get the basics clear and enter into safe and legal contracts always!