Dead Toenails From Running

Dead Toenails From Running


A black toenail or a dead toenail occurs if we drop something heavy on the nail. If a toe is under pressure from the shoe or a sock that is too tight or too thick, the sustained pressure, step after step, toenail fell off produces an impact or a friction problem between the toenail and the tissue surrounding it. When the tissue gets damaged, fluid accumulates.

A toe nail (even the thinnest) comprises three distinct layers: The topmost grows from the bone behind the cuticle (adds length to the nail); the middle grows from the lunella (or ‘moon’, adds strength to the nail); the bottom layer grows from the nail bed (always sterile, keeps the nail attached to the toe).

Keep soaking and bandaging it, try to not worry about how awful it looks (soon you’ll have blister-like spots near the cuticle, they’re because the deep skin is repairing itself and pushing out the dead parts), keep it rested/cleaned/soaked/bandaged, and go to the doc if you feel pain without direct contact.

Although often deeply invades tissue fungus dead toenail (fungi generally do not invade healthy living tissue), which can spread to other nails or along the surface of the skin where the cells as dead spot on the skin are present in abundance dead toenail.

In the case of injury, you may experience a single, traumatic event that lets you know (in no uncertain terms) that you are going to lose your nail; however, sometimes injury happens gradually due to poorly fitted shoes or repetitive use and stress.