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By Tracey Jackson – The key to using an e-cigarette successfully is getting the best e liquid UK brand that you can. You can also use thicker 50% VG vapor shop direct which will give you more vapour, however, if you don’t have a variable power device you may be disappointed with the flavour as you cannot increase the heating temperature of the juice to that required to really bring out the flavour, ie, with the likes of the Innokin T18/E coils, the output is set at a contant 14W and therefore you have no control over the power and therefore the temperature that the liquid is heated.

While most cig-a-likes are automatic, meaning that they are activated as soon as you take a puff, vape pens are usually operated manually via a fire button which needs to be pressed down and held while you vape This button begins the current flow that is necessary to vaporise the e-liquid.

This e liquid is formulated to be less viscous than the majority of VG liquids so is great for use in cloud chasing” sub-ohm devices, most e liquids use a PG/VG mix in order to thin down” the eliquid so it is practical and usable in box mods and vaporizers.

There are a number of eliquids with similar names that include Eco Vape”, Eco Juice” etc so make sure you get the right one – if you are searching ensure you type in pure ecovape” or pure eco vape” to get the right one from Pure-eLiquids ECOvape is to be re-branded as VSAVI e Juice – same pure organic VG e liquid with a new name.

In the beginning, e-liquid flavors usually featured some known hits like bubble gum, chocolates, and fruity flavors but as the e liquid industry grew, the competition among the manufacturers increased which resulted in experimentation of different flavors to serve the consumers with something original.