Microfinance or small loans are a great escape route for the less privileged, as they help the deprived class to get the taste of self sufficiency and financial stability. Though this is comparatively novel concept and a lot of people are still not aware of its benefits, yet there is no denying the fact as to how it has already helped a great number of people come out of their unfortunate state.

The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is the non-profit organization that highly promotes and gives out the microfinance to numerous poor people. They believe that it is not by alms giving that one can help the poor; it is instead by giving them a helping hand that they are gratified. One should endeavor to help the destitute upgrade their lifestyle and feel happy and satisfied to live.

The variable ways in which microfinance can help the poor are as follows:

  1. It provides a great encouragement for the upcoming entrepreneurs by providing them the much needed capital either for the setting up of a business or for the expansion of an already existing business. This also provides scope for the entrepreneur to manage his business and the ensuing cash flow in a better way.
  2. The income that one starts making after availing this microfinance loan helps them get a grip over their cash flow as they start making profits, alongside, they pay off their loan in small amounts. This keeps them in a better position when there are floods or other epidemics and they are denied access to food, shelter, clothing etc.
  3. Their financial stability helps them in acquiring assets such as land, purchasing poultry or livestock.
  4. The condition of their homes is improved either through renovation or through construction.
  5. Their economic vulnerability is drastically controlled and their lives are a lot happier than before.
  6. The savings that they are able to make as a result of the smooth running of their business gives them easy access to the basic necessities of life – food, shelter, clothing, medicines.
  7. The risks are better managed after the establishment of a stable business and thereby economic condition.
  8. Also the funding for the children’s education becomes easy and thereby ensures the literacy of the children.
  9. The growth in their economic condition further helps them to have cash available for the weddings and funerals in the family.

Thus, you see the kind of multifaceted aid that the microfinance concept provides to the deprived section of the society. This is what the volunteers at the Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation strive to achieve, they strive to empower the lower class of the society today so that there can be a better nation tomorrow. They believe in the strengthening of the morale of the destitute by being by their side and not just letting them struggle on their own and reach nowhere; for the Holy Bible says, “Blessed are those who are merciful to others, God will show them His mercy.”

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