Here’s Why Accurate Weather Prediction Is Quintessential for Farmers

Weather is a very important factor for the farmers. It is important that the farmers have a good idea about the different atmospheric environments. Appropriate weather conditions help the farmers to plan in the most strategic way and also help them to get a clear understanding about the farming systems that they should choose, the variety of crops that needs to be harvested and the water conservation measures that needs to be adapted.

If you are interested to get an idea about the different ways by which the appropriate weather forecast helps a farmer is given below:

  • Rainfall is one of the most important weather conditions for farmers. The meteorologists are able to predict the amount of rainfall each year well in advance. This helps them to get a clear picture as to whether the rainfall for a particular season will be normal or more than normal. This helps the farmers to choose the crop which will be most suitable for a particular type of rainfall. This prediction helps the farmers to properly plan their action well in advance. There are also predictions for the duration of the mid-season spells that will remain dry. This prediction is immensely helpful for the farmers to properly plan their economic activity.
  • The humidity, wind and the short range temperature help the meteorologists understand the risk associated with the plants. Through these predictions the farmers are able to understand if there is any chance of any insect attack on a large scale basis. The humidity and the air temperature also help in finding out the appropriate conditions for harvesting.
  • It is very important that there is a proper balance between the soil and the water. This has a great effect on the production of the crops. Getting relevant information regarding the soil water balance help the farmers chalk out a proper plan regarding their crop production.

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