How Can A Child Live With the Health Condition Known as ADHD?

There are many childhood illnesses that act contrarily to a child. One such condition is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. ADHD is another term for ADD, attention deficit disorder except that ADHD covers a wider spectrum than ADD. There are diverse types of ADHD classifications that help to diagnose a child and provide the most correct treatment. ADHD is a psychological disorder that begins in childhood. Once a child has been diagnosed with ADHD they do not outgrow it but as an alternative they must learn how to live with it. Nevertheless, it is significant to note that many adults that have ADHD as a child find it adaptable as an adult because they are already aware of the circumstance and its symptoms.

Every person who has a child that acts up sometimes or if a teacher requests a meeting with a parent to discourse a child’s behavior must wonder what is ADHD? Susan Rachele , who is a long term sufferer of ADHD states that the fact is most children do act up as part of growing up and trying boundaries both at school and at home. What parents should be acquainted with is that ADHD affects up to 5% of children in school. It is more common for boys to have ADHD than girls. Occasionally the symptoms can subside once adolescence is reached. When a kid has ADHD, they are not able to concentrate, they move around frenziedly, their behavior is very disruptive in class and at home and their performance in school is not good.

If you are deliberating on what is an ADHD symptom, they are found below:

  • If a newborn cannot sleep, cries for no obvious reason, has no set sleeping pattern, constantly thirsty, may seem difficult to feed, hits head on something continually, and throws tantrums, they may have ADHD.
  • If a child has increased activity, displays a short attention span, seems impulsive with their movements, has poor coordination, seems fearless, show short term memory, and does not have a personality that seems to fine-tune to environments or other people, does not eat well or sleep well, does not have good self-esteem, or cannot perform well in school then that child may suffer from ADHD.

When a parent requires to know what about ADHD is, it is significant that they not only apprehend what it is and the symptoms that it causes but they also acquire how to live with it. There are many diverse symptoms of ADHD, however these symptoms are also symptoms of other disorders that may also need to be ruled out. The child’s specialist will carry out a series of tests that will help to conclude if that child is suffering from ADHD or another ailment.

Once the child has ADHD, a plan of attention will require to be created and followed systematically in order to assist the child in learning to deal with the situation. If a child does not understand why they feel that way they may blame themselves and feel even worse. Thus, according to Susan Rachele , it is significant to know that a child can live with ADHD as long as it is recognized and handled with understanding and love.