Gel nail manicures are rapidly turning into a customer favored in salons and spas around the world. The simple learning curve of gel nail enhancement and odorless smell has lately sky-rocketed it beyond the long-popular oil support inside the salon and health club market. With this greater popularity, spas and salons are scrambling to adapt their customer’s requests for gel nail solutions including UV nail polish dryer

The popular oil and fiberglass nail support have provided a way to organic manicures and much more natural-looking gel nail enhancements. Together with the reduction of acrylic nail sales spas and salon are providing gel solutions to supplement the decrease of sales from waning acrylic support revenue. This “boom” has unfortunately caused a marked growth of support break-down and much more salons and spa customers experiencing allergic-reactions and also nail-damage as a result of improper training or absence of info when it comes to nail techs individual product lines along with the resources that make their products operate correctly; namely UV gel lights.

The gel nail products are the same thing including pre-mixed monomers and polymers with premixed formulas to assist nail professionals in getting the ideal mix-ratio. Aside from that, whatever decision a nail pro determines to utilize is personal preference provided that they follow the appropriate application methods and decide on a fantastic UV gel lamp which heals the item completely.

Allow me to repeat that only say for the sake of adding just a small drama. All gel nail goods require a 36-watt lamp to heal correctly irrespective of the producer if you would like to steer clear of potential customer over-exposure or allergic reactions into your products. There’s not any exception to this rule, plain and straightforward. This is not only my humble opinion it is a scientific fact. Not only do you really will need a 36-watt nail polish dryer lamp but you have to allow the item heal for 2 to 3 minutes at the light.

The above statement was a significant point of confusion and contention among spa and salon professionals. This at large part as a result of truth, that gels surface layers shake (heal) to your touch in no more than 15 seconds in the majority of UV gel lights.