Knowing the Art of Calligraphy- Kimberly Wang Dey Shows the Way

Ask people of the previous century, and you will get to know how the education of a man was judged by the how fair a hand they wrote on paper. It was indeed a time-consuming process for sure, but it had a lot of emotion attached to it. However, with time, the demands started changing, and the world wanted something that could save time and serve the purpose as well. As a result of it, most of the academic institutions who put enough stress on the cursive writing earlier stopped completely, and more and more stress was put on type writing.

The first blow to calligraphy was put by the typewriter, and with time, Kimberly Wang Dey finds the significant role that computer has had with the rendition of emails and text messages. Hardly does anyone writes anything meaningful by hand. So here comes a time when finding a calligrapher writing a fair hand on pen and paper is a treat to watch. However, there are some calligraphers as well who still carry out some research work on the 16th or 17th-century script which was written on calfskin. And finding them working with dedication is indeed a religious experience.

Kimberly Wang Dey , a name that is quite renowned for the hand she writes and even shows enthusiasm in working on the manuscripts, was fascinated by the letters right from her childhood. Even though she grew up being a successful businessman carrying the family legacy, her love for calligraphy never went down under the sheaths. She has often found herself time to visit the museums and studios which still work on the manuscripts and studies on the various kinds of calligraphy that exist in the world. However, the way these things were done has changed, and there are more and more of memorial pages, ciphers, certifications, and illustrations that are being used.

The methods and technologies used in writing have changed. While the rushes and reeds found to be good enough on the uneven surfaces of papyrus, things have changed completely now. As time has progressed, the papers have got much smoother and hence quill turned out to be the most obvious choice of time. Currently, the technology of the 21st century uses it and ensures the best result on paper.

However, there are some of the fonts which still play the tricks with the writing and reading. The Gothic script, for example, makes it much more complicated and difficult for the people to read. And there’s another important point that Kimberly never fails to mention. She has found out that the art of calligraphy relies a lot on the subtle and fragile chemistry between the nib, ink, and paper. The reason behind the extinction of calligraphy is quintessentially the lack of pen friendly paper.

Calligraphy is indeed an art and there’s no way such an art form can be allowed to extinct. It is the enthusiasm of people like Kimberly Dey that helps in restoring such an art.