P. Mark Shayani


Payam Mark Shayani has devoted his life to working with clients that are wrongly denied the compensation they deserve. Don’t be fooled by insurance adjusters into settling with them without consulting an attorney. Working tirelessly for his clients, Mark always offered a helping hand to those that suffered at the hands of carelessness and inaction. payam shayani I took my accident and personal injury case to Mr. Shayani and couldn’t be happier.

All this time all we wanted was to talk to Shayani our fellow Iranian and he never got a hold of us til now that I am picking up the file from his office and he only calls to explain because its his reputation on the line. I know injury cases must be stressful for all parties and fairly complicated, but I give Mr, Shayani a lot of credit for pulling through and getting us some form of compensation for our injuries.

Payam Shayani is the founding member of Pacific Attorney Group, a premium law firm that has handled hundred of these cases and helped people collect the compensation that they deserve. After attaining his degree in 2000, Mark renewed his crusade against injustice with untiring vigor.

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This sanction means the attorney lost his or her license to practice law for a period of time. The judge in your workers’ compensation claim will determine the value of attorney fees, and these will be paid out of your settlement or award. Endorsements from fellow lawyers are an important consideration for many when selecting the right attorney.