Personal Trainer Software


Providing online personal training is a great way to generate incremental revenue for your fitness business if you use the right tools and strategies to provide value for your clients. We appreciate that there will be cheaper online training programmes out there, but these will be cookie cutter plans where a faceless individual (or even worse a piece Online coaching of software the type of which is increasingly becoming popular in online training) sends out low level, totally generalised plans by the dozen.

Being online means having access to everything at your fingertips There are many apps and websites out there but it is about choosing what best suits you, looks the most professional and allows you to deliver the best online personal training service to your clients.

Other people that I see for life coaching online (and especially marriage counseling / relationship coaching online) need to meet that way because they wouldn’t be able to otherwise — simply because they live outside of Colorado (or the US, for that matter), or they travel frequently for business, or they have little kids at home.

There is no substitute for real-time expert feedback from an experienced coach who is standing on the platform with you, evaluating and correcting every rep of every set of a workout, from a variety of observation angles and the immediacy of close proximity.

As a strength and conditioning coach myself, learning has always been a priority for me. When I had begun to entertain the idea of hiring an online coach, I went in with the mentality that I would be spending just enough time to learn a new programming style, acquire new perspectives and move on to broaden my skill set.