The mysterious disappearance of the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican official is Italy’s most enduring cold case. Next up is Brazilian babe Emanuela De Paula This beach-loving beauty loves spend days by the ocean with friends, taking photos of everything from the sea to passerbyers. Emanuela is the official photographer at the Westminster Suite – St. Thomas’ Hospital.

Before joining the ICRC Emanuela was a legal adviser at the United Nations Compensation Commission, in charge of state claims for losses arising from Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait. A month after azis Emanuela went missing, he was told of a memo from the Italian Prime Minister’s office to the Vatican recommending that they ‘do not – with the Orlandi’s case – open a Pandora’s Box that would be difficult to close’.

From my pre-wedding consultation to her delivery on my wedding day, Emanuela nailed it! After this tour, the young Emanuela signed a contract with WEA, but it proved not to be exactly what she wanted. Emanuela is also a Research Fellow in the Individualisation of War Project at the European University Institute in Fiesole and an Associate Fellow in Chatham House’s International Law Programme.

Emanuela has a Masters in Labour Law (2004) and specialises in agency agreements regulation (2006); she regularly leads legal seminars on employment law updates and she cooperates in reviewing case law development related to agency contracts. Emanuela graduated in Law in 2000 from Università Cattolica of Milan and joined the Milan office in 2001.

Emanuela has joined FeMusa String Ensemble with whom she tours in the UK and worldwide. Emanuela hopes one day to join the SI Swimsuit family and make one of her many dreams come true! Then on July 3, 11 days after Emanuela disappeared, Pope John Paul made a public appeal for her ‘speedy return’, at his weekly audience in St Peter’s Square.