Rabat: a secret, elegant Paradise in Morocco

Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, and we all know that. If you have not traveled yet to this city it is important to tell you that this city is elegant, unhurried and it is a delight to spend hours and hours here. It is not difficult to fall in love with this city, it has all the components that make us love a city: great restaurants, clean streets, a little of the cosmopolitan chic that you usually find in Casablanca, history sights and that old charm that many cities have lost.

If you are asking about what kind of places you can visit while you are here, I will give you some recommendations that you need to take into account. If you are doing Morocco Tours and trips you should visit the best places. To begin with the list, we can start with famous place like Mohamed V Mausoleum. When you get here and you finish the trip, you will realize that you can visit this place quickly, so you will not have to spend a lot of time here, maybe you can take like 30 minutes here. It is white and huge, there are officers in the entry with horses, and you can take pictures of them. The things that you are going to find inside this place are beautiful and incredible. This place looks like a little castle and it will make you feel like you were in a movie. There are not many tourists here so it is easy to take pictures and look at everything inside this place. The admission is free so it is a perfect destination if you are walking around Rabat.

If you want to visit another historical place, the Chellah necropolis is another great option. This place is really interesting, beautiful and you can visit it quickly. It is a quiet place, full of history, maybe is one of the oldest places in Rabat-if you want to research about it before coming to this place is a great thing to do-. Walking around this place and taking pictures is good, and the admission is not too expensive so it is a good option for your Morocco Tour.

If you want to visit the most beautiful places in Rabat, do not miss going to the Kasbah des Oudaias. This is a walled medina with little blue houses inside. You can find restaurants and shops. When you get lost here is amazing because you discover all the secret places that this city has to offer to you. You can drink a tea and look at the river. This place is big and it looks like those movies recreated a long time ago. The blue houses are extremely cute and the place is like a fairytale; many couples would love to get marry here. This place is a combination of many relaxing activities and it is one of the favorite places of the tourists when they arrive in Rabat.

Finally, if you want to finish your experience you cannot miss visiting the Medina in Rabat. As you may know, here you can buy anything you want. The experience will be even better if you know how to bargain and you get what you want in an amazing price. This medina is like all the medinas around Morocco, but the main difference is that here you feel calm and it is not an overwhelming experience as other cities. It is pretty and it has a charm.

After visiting Rabat, you will feel satisfied and you will end your Morocco Tour in the best way possible.

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