Rechargeable Lithium Batteries


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I placed the first parallel group positive side up, and the second parallel group negative side up. I laid the nickel strips on top of each of the three sets 26650 battery pack of cells, bridging the positive caps of the first parallel group with the negative terminal of the second parallel group, as shown in the picture.

So after buying a 48v 20 Amp battery from Ebay (and knowing very little at that point), I realized it didn’t have a BMS and heard rumors that if i attached it direct to the controller, it would see it as a short (controller would be closed) and blow the controller.

I plan to put 3 cells in parallel, for a combined capacity of 2.9Ah x 3 cells = 8.7 Ah. The industry abbreviation for parallel cells is ‘p’, meaning that my final pack configuration is considered a 10S3P pack” with a final specification of 36V 8.7AH.

With safe operation assured, Li battery packs can compete on equal terms with lead-acid batteries and, since they are lighter, smaller, offer longer cycle life and impose less onerous disposal arrangements, they look set to become increasingly popular in a range of applications.