Getting the best nightclub experience for your dollar is hard in Miami, simply because you have so many options. With the nightlife being as iconic as it is in this sunny city, you have to think about which nightclubs suit your personal tastes, and suit the occasion that you are heading out for. For example girls night out, bachelorette parties, divorce party or any other event. When it comes to girls’ nights out or guys’ nights out, the options are vast. Here are some of our top picks for spending time with your buds.

  • Club FIFTY – Quite possibly Miami’s hottest ultralounge, this super exclusive, super trendy club sits atop one of Miami’s most luxurious hotels. A perfect place to go with the girls when you’re out celebrating a big night out, this nightclub has a pool, an extensive bottle list, and a roster of some of the most famous DJ’s in the country. If you go here, dress to impress, since club attendees are expected to be just as elegant as the Asian-inspired décor and architecture. Tables start as low as $300, so if you pool money together, it can still be a reasonably affordable outing.
  • Mynt Lounge – What nightclub list would be complete without a mention of Mynt? This superbly decorated nightclub is a great place for guys’ nights out as well as girls’ group outings and accommodates Miami male strippers for all the girls’ events like bachelorette parties. A known favorite place for flirty folks to chat eachother up, the sound system is known for being top quality, and there’s always plenty of space to dance. This location is famous for its exceptionally tight door policy, its well-known clientele, and the fact that they actually have a no paparazzi entry policy. If you and your pals want to meet celebrities, this is definitely the place to go in Miami!
  • Blue Martini MIAMI – Miami locals, as well as locals in several other states, can’t seem to get enough of the Blue Martini bar chain. Known for having upscale seating, colorful yet placid décor, and absolutely faboo drinks, Blue Martini offers a quieter, more relaxed setting than most others on our list. It’s worth noting that Blue Martini often holds specials for girls’ nights out, making this place a hotspot for hip, happenin’ girls, and the guys who love them! It’s also good to know that unlike some of the other clubs on this list, Blue Martini also serves delicious platters alongside their mouthwatering drinks.
  • Mansion Night Club – For the group of friends that want to get loud, Mansion Night Club is the place to go. Featuring the absolute hottest EDM acts, incredible lighting, and one of the most spectacular spaces in the US, Mansion is the ultimate concert venue in Miami. Expect to see stunning dancers, favorite celebrity acts, and some of the most exciting times of your life if you choose to go to this world famous club.
  • Mokai – This is perhaps one of the best places to go if you are heading for a guys’ nights out. Seductive lighting, drop dead gorgeous dancers, and decent drink specials make it popular with both genders. They also offer a really good comp VIP Entry and Cocktail special on Monday night, making it suitable for friends on a budget who still want to taste the glamor of Miami nightlife.
  • Nikki Beach Miami – If you and your buds want to enjoy waterfront dining, great drinks, and a relaxed, quieter atmosphere, it’s really hard to get better than this superbly popular beach nightclub. This extremely elegant locale has events that start in the day and end at night. They are also known for cozy cabanas, and the awesome ability to soak up the hot Miami sun while chilling with friends. We recommend this place for women who want to relax with friends, as well as men who just cannot get enough of looking at women in swimsuits.
  • Bamboo Miami Beach – Blending old world décor with new school trendiness, Bamboo Miami Beach is one of those clubs that you have to see to believe. This club is a great place to go if you are a drink snob, or if you want to experience real old world elegance in a nightclub setting. The sound system they have is great, and people here are always enjoying themselves. It’s hard not to love Bamboo.

The nightclub industry in Miami really is unlike any other place in the world, mainly due to the sheer variety of different clubs you can find here. There are clubs for the upscale and quiet, clubs for the loud raver crowd, and clubs for everyone in between even male revue shows with exotic dancers. Everyone has their own favorite nightclub to go to. Nightclubs in Miami are a lot like any other cherished hangouts. Once you find the one nightclub that really meshes with your personal taste, you’ll have a place that you will want to return to again and again.