When you find that ta all wrong

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When you find that ta all wrong, from a look at nature, especially beetle, amazing, when you least expect it, it opens the housing and flies … So when you are in crisis … take the S of suffering and CREATE. and be light and happy!

It was passion, but also love.
It was crazy, but also tenderness.
I loved you with all my heart and
emotion. You did not know but
had in hand, my joy,
my breath of life.

There is a time for everything,
time to smile,
time to cry,
sad time, but a
time of joy,
time sure relieves. Paraphrasing Ecclesiasticus.

I like being surrounded by people who allow me to expose my best version

Happiness is not only a potent medicine like a big immunizing.

We hope these inspirational good morning quotes for her help you and your loved ones to tackle the day,

Even before we have a world of possibilities, if we do not GRATITUDE us, we cherish the illusion that we never have enough. Life is more beautiful when we are grateful and got rid of the claim that we deserve something.

Life is this way that we cross through several thorns, joy and mystery. We found many stones, but live unforgettable moments and find amazing people. Every stone taken a victory won.

Portal of
And for the few.

Perfection is not a state, but a level of development that helps give the necessary quality for those who want security, satisfaction and especially the practice.

If you stumble, rests; He fell lift. Do not give up, insist, believe, win, it is our motto.

I believe in magic. The magic of compassion that touches the

Often I wept with those who wept, but I rejoiced with those who sang. This is also vanity and pride.

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You can even call me a clown, but do not treat me as a jester. Our relationship can lose the grace and so, the circus one day, generated so much joy can come close.

The breeze that points at the end of the bridge,
Happiness approaching the hill.
The sadness evacuates made ​​garish,
shines in the sky a giant moon.

I see the sadness, but I prefer to believe that happiness exists. The motivation for achievement is stronger than the ruined sentimental memory.

The sophistication may seem interesting at first glance, but it is the simplicity of the things I find my joy in life.

I do not know love little or suffer in half; I’m whole, even in pain

Consider the energy you have cultivated. Feelings that have washed down.

We learn to talk to our own hearts when we are silent. It is true that are not always pleasant words, but when they come to our interior in the form of reflection, is in the midst of joy or sadness … we always learn a great lesson!

“Deliver me from the lack of a smile. More Deliver me even more ENVY by having to discard all joy, camouflaging a sadness to that envy does not affect my happiness.” -By Bunny

Not true happiness is if you do not know die and live: to die for a cause that is worth living and the small joys.

And the more you think you’re alone, that nothing and no one cares, the most important resurfaces, perfuming the air and cheering the soul.

Want to learn something revel ante in your life? Let the joys, parties and companies, to be alone with yourself, maybe so you can learn something.

“The smile is the joining of two realities: the peace of mind and a clear conscience.”

A blessed day … victories accomplishments and learnings … … beautiful joy that made happier our hearts … that is peace … serenity and harmony our rest … Gratitude to our Father for the blessings and his divine love!