Why Farmers are Going More for Chemical-Free farming Methods Lately?

There are certain things in life that people have been so accustomed to that they cannot imagine a day without it. Technology and scientific tools in life are a few things that fall in this category. This technological tools and scientific inventions have surely helped the world by a great deal in reducing effort and human intervention. It has improved the quality of life too, but there are a few ways these scientific inventions have caused havoc.

The problem is not the scientific tool or the technology too directly, but it is more of the excessive or impractical use of these tools that has caused the havoc. Yes, one field where this has gone wrong is in farming. During the industrialization boom, suddenly there was a boost in using fertilizers, chemicals and many others such items that the then farmers used for boosting yield. They felt that it would benefit if their crops grew faster, and if they were of big quantity to fetch them better revenue.

But, then there have been a few farmers, who saw reason and looked at things from a slightly different perspective about farming. Geoffrey Morell , while doing his research work has found out that even without using any chemicals for boosting growth or for removing pests and weeds, one can still have great profits.

These farmers have today, proved that organic farming is the next big thing and yes, it works.

What can change with this change of perception?

At first, the idea, that one can still have growth of crops and take care of the pests and returns without using these chemical based pesticides, and other fertilizers is something one has to believe in. A farmer might consult with fellow farmers and get further details about the kind of fertilizers and their benefits of the long term too before using any.

The farmer who knows the value of sowing corn or other valuable crop would also agree that it is necessary to go for crop rotation just so that the land is never barren and cause weeds. It is through crop rotation; one can also check and offer healthy crops for cattle. The crop rotation is a process that is possibly one of the most profitable and eco-friendly options of getting the best of a land without depleting its original nutrition.

Farmers these days might get to read and know more about the organic farming techniques that other farm owners are running and the crops they are planting to ensure their cattle also remains healthy.

Often farm and cattle owners follow a trend that is supposedly popular forgetting the fact that it might not really be necessary. Antibiotics and soy are not necessary for the health of cattle or crops and this is what Geoffrey Morell , the founder of PA Bowen Farmstead has found. In fact, he has been following this absolutely clean and sustainable method of farming for years now with effective results.

This is something that many other modern organic farmers are coming to the understanding that caring for the farms and animals is possible without relying on chemicals.